Evan Carmichael has redefined success on his terms

I believe there is #Freedom in authenticity. 

YouTube sensation and author of Your One Word Evan Carmichael stopped by to Inspire and prove this belief.

He speaks of his middle class up-bring, his desire to tackle tough topics and even his mindset to follow his intuition and his ability to do the RIGHT thing. 

Trust your instincts with Sean Croxton

Sean sold his Multimillion dollar company, not due to sales, but because his gut told him it was time for the next stage of his life. It was evident during this chat that Sean Croxton is living a life on his terms, and he proves that you can too. Be Sure to review Sean’s Podcast “The Quote of the day show” www.seancroxton.com 

Positivity Conversation with Heather Parady

Heather Parady She is the HOST of the Weekly Parady Podcast no pun intended…lol…  She is a full time mom and podcast host that is literally pursuing her dreams. Former counselor STOPPED in her tracks because her gut (intuition) informed her that she was destined for greater things. Listen as she describes her thoughts, passions, and new love for her work. She admits that it was scary to step out, but the rewards have surpassed her dreams. 

Positivity Conversation with Ray Rico

Publisher of the very Popular Focus MidSouth Magazine and Ray Rico Freelance.  Ray is shining his light and the light of the magazine on those heroes that had the courage to stand out but did not necessarily get the recognition that they rightfully deserved. He is living out his purpose in ways that would totally blow you away.  Listen as we dive into his mindset to explore the passion behind the man, who’s behind the team, whom are behind every article that Focus MidSouth breathes to life.

Positivity Conversation with Justin Schenck

Justin is too freaking Funny... He is the Host and creator of the Podcast and Facebook page The Growth Now Movement. He stopped by today to share some of his wisdom and beautiful outlook on life. The next time you are feeling low on energy, come fill up with us. We have love and positivity to share 

Touching Lives

Positivity Rocks !

I have no doubt that the future is a great place for you to be. I know for a fact that your hard work and passion will get you there. 


You have a great attitude I love it. I use to smile all the time like yourself. Your energy, your wisdom. You are due for bigger and better things bro.


Just wanted to take a moment to thank you. Your video this morning made me do a free course rather than pay for one. As the results will be the same for me either way.  I'm half way through and feel it's helping me so much . I'm doing it for me in a self healing way. Your videos help remind me not all people are bad , huge struggle for me BTW. Your a blessing.


Hey Jimmy you probably have no idea who I am, but besides that just know everyday during summer I would watch you videos to prepare for my day and you would put my day in a positive direction, you have put such an impact on my life showing what good there is in this world thank you for being a huge part my positivity and motivation and smiling.