5 Inspiring Black Entrepreneurs Changing Our World

Article in FORBES

 If smiles are contagious, then you’ll contract a lifetime of smiles from Jimmy Warr-Mize. Whether it’s on Facebook, Instagram or his website, Warr-Mize’s purpose is to brighten the world with positivity. This positivity is something that not only his queer black community needs, but the whole world desperately needs daily. His podcast, a regular dose of “positive talk,” ranges from a few minutes to an hour-long burst of healthy, happy and motivational tips or talks. 

 As Warr-Mize says, “You deserve to experience freedom in every area of your life.” As a new rising star in the black, queer, entrepreneur community, how does he keep the negative narrative that permeates many communities today out of his consciousness, especially in the face of dual discrimination? Warr-Mize shares two practices that have worked for him, “Meditation over the last few years has done wonders for me. When negative self-talk sneaks in, if I’m in public, I will literally run to the restroom and breathe for five minutes. I have also been known to have a milkshake to silence the noise. Either way, I’m able to focus back on what really matters.” 

 Entrepreneurs from every demographic, but especially those from marginalized communities face outside challenges. Challenges that come from inside are the ones most difficult to hush. A dose of Inspired By JimmyL may be your best prescription.